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  • Purchase ACCA certificate online. buy degree ,buy diploma, Buying a diploma online ACCA offers a range of foundation-level certificates and diplomas - collectively referred to as Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)[5] - which provide an entry point for anyone new to accounting and finance and who doesn't meet the minimum entry requirements for the ACCA Qualification (which is three GCSEs and 2 A Levels or equivalent, in five separate subjects). Students can start at any level within the Foundation level, but it is recommended that students without any formal academic qualifications start with the Introductory Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting and complete exams Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) and Management Information (MA1); then progress to the Intermediate Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting and complete exams Maintaining Financial Records (FA2) and Managing Costs and Finance (MA2); before progressing to the Diploma in Accounting and Business and completing Accountant in Business (FAB), Management Accounting (FMA) and Financial Accounting (FFA). Students can use the Foundation-level awards as an entry route onto the ACCA Qualification. Students who complete the Diploma in Accounting and Business will be given exemption from the first three exams of the ACCA Qualification (AB, MA and FA) and can start their studies on the ACCA Qualification with Corporate and Business Law (LW).In order to achieve a certificate for the exams completed students must also complete a foundation ethics module called Foundations in Professionalism, but this only has to be completed once, even if a student wishes to achieve both certificates and the diploma.The Foundation-level exams are available as paper-based exams held in June and December or as on-demand computer-based exams throughout the year at ACCA Licensed exam centres

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