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MIS Lastest Diploma Sample, Marketing Institute Of Singapore Degree

MIS Lastest Diploma Sample, Marketing Institute Of Singapore Degree
Marketing Institute Of Singapore
    Established in 1973, the Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS) is the national body for sales and marketing.Buy Marketing Institute of Singapore degree, Fake MIS diploma , Purchase MIS certificate ,Buy transcript from MIS online,high quality transcript from Marketing Institute of Singapore.
It is a not-for-profit organisation that serves as a hub for students, professionals, and organisations interested in sales and marketing to congregate, network, and exchange knowledge. 
   The Institute believes in promoting marketing as a philosophy and developing students holistically with its robust academic framework. The qualifications awarded by MIS are highly regarded and recognised, especially in the field of Business, Sales and Marketing. MIS is renowned for its practical and up-to-date theoretical approaches in its training programmes. The first education course, Diploma in Sales and Marketing (DSM) was launched in 1981 and since then many other courses ranging from certificate to Masters Degree courses are offered at the Institute. 
    Having nurtured more than 40,000 students through its academic learning arm, and provided networking opportunities for thousands of its members, the Institute continues to serve the community to fulfil its vision of "Creating Marketers".
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